This is an even better motherfucking website.

Hipstered domain extension and beautiful typography.

We all know that Motherfucking WebsiteMFW ― it's grotesque pile of shit. And we also know that Better Motherfucking WebsiteBMFW ― improved the Ass-Blastered Crap into an (almost) easy-to-read masterpiece. But I made it even better! Like the other motherfucking websites, Even Better Motherfucking WebsiteEBMFW ―, has all of the glory that the original, 'perfect-ass' website has - along with some improvements from the BMFW:

What about Comic Sans?

That really hurt! Who throws a shoe? Honestly?

Let it breathe even more

"Look at lines 1 and 2 of some shitty website you're building. Assuming they're not married, they probably shouldn't be humping. The defaults are trash ― pick a minimum line-height: 1.4 for body copy. Headings should be tighter. If you can't see that... piss off. If your text hits the side of the browser, fuck off forever. Have you ever seen a book like that? Yes? What a shitty book."

I made it even better: line-height: 1.8

A little less contrast

"Black on white? How often do you see that kind of contrast in real life? Tone it down a bit, asshole."

I made it even better: background: #f2f2f2
Because I don't care about 7 fucking lines of declarations.

Yes, this continues to be fucking satirical, fuckers

Like the creator of Better Motherfucking Website, I ♥ what the creator of Motherfucking Website did. It's all about the message! But let's face it: would you rather have crap, or some beautifully-aligned shit?

"Imagine all the people..."
- John Lennon, Yoko's husband


Inspired by the geniuses behind Better Motherfucking Website and Motherfucking Website. ☺